Sebastian Weggesser

About me

Sebastian Weggesser

Hi there - I’m Sebastian, I usually go by Basti. I’m a Tech Leader and Software Engineer based in the Munich Metropolitan area. Over the last 20+ years I’ve been building software - especially within highly regulated industries such as medical devices, healthcare and pharma.

I took on leadership in a billion dollar enterprise as well as startups and scale-ups with a proven track record of building and guiding high performing teams that align with business strategies. I am passionate about living the principles of servant leadership, helping individuals and teams to grow and setting them up for success.

While being a leader I’m still a hands-on engineer and I’m always looking for opportunities to build great products and services.

I’m passionate about building great products - as an engineer or in leadership roles.

Tech Stack

The stack I’m most comfortable and I was working with over the last 20+ years:


Ruby, JavaScript, Git, SQL, Docker

Rails, React, Node.js

AWS S3, RDS, EC2, SQS, SNS, Lambda, Api Gateway, Route 53


Golang, Elixir, GraphQL, Astro, Terraform, MongoDB, K8S, Keycloak, React Native

Worked with in a production context

C++, Swift, Objective-C, Tensorflow, Objective-C, Tensorflow, Java - JDK, J2EE, Groovy, PHP, Ember.js, Backbone.js / Marionette, Cordova

Projects and Engagements


I was leading two software engineering teams responsible for the main customer facing products of DataGuard covering pricacy and information security as a service.

My main focus areas have been improvements of agile processes within the teams, ensuring on-time delivery and establishing an environment of techincal innovation.


As Head of Technology with Florio I was responsible for the entire software life cycle as well as the infrastructure.

As line manager of all engineers in the organization and steering external contractors, on-time delivery in accordance to an ISO 13485 certified QMS was my main focus area.


As Tech Lead and later on Engineering Manager I played a key role in scaling the product engineering organization out to four teams. In addition I was responsible for developing the delivery teams towards high performing and establish healthy agile processes in a highly regulated environment.

As line manager of 14 engineers I was overseesing on-time delivery and helped establishing an ISO 13485 certified QMS.


I was remotely leading a software engineering team operating in the United States. My team and I have been responsible to build, maintain, and operate a patient-reported-outcomes SaaS application for orthopedical surgeons.

As line manager of up to four engineers I was responsible for their personal development as well as on time delivery of new features for this platform and improving agile workflows.


Over the course of ten years I was building a softwar engineering department from scratch to a team of 7+ engineers. I was building a huge variety of products and applicatons for clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.